Introduction: Learning Norwegian

Hello everybody!
On this blog here, I will post "lessons" on how to learn the amazing language Norwegian, the easy way.
What you should expect is:

- Lessons! Like grammar, vocabulary words, tasks and question you can answer in norwegian.
- Worksheets and cheatsheets and other things to help you learn and just little reminders you can use.
- Maybe a video once in a while.
- Sometimes I will do a "cultural note", where I will tell a little about the Norwegian culture, and use pictures, personal pictures!

Reasons to Learn Norwegian:

If your're learning Norwegian, you get a great advantage if you're learning other Scandinavian languages as well. Swedish and Danish are really easy to understand if you know Norwegian. Myself, I don't know Swedish nor Danish. But I could have a conversation with one from Sweden in Norwegian and he in Swedish, we would still understand each other.

Norwegian is a small language. Around 4 873 000 people speak it, almost all of them in Norway. Of course it's not as small as it would be dying, but you will help it grow to 4 873 001 if you follow this blog.

A little about me!

My name is Even. I'm born and raised Norwegian, and speak it natively. I would set my English as advanced. I live here in a big enough town called Haugesund, you are sure to see some pictures of it sometimes. I love Norwegian, and I love language, that's why I made this blog to help other people to learn this amazing language.

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

Take Care ^___^

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  1. I think you must study linguistic. This subject studies how the languages came up in the world. Which is the first language....etc etc...

  2. Hi, Im a homeschooling mom from the US and I first got intrested in Norwegian because i wanted to watch En Kveld med Ylvis and saw how easy it was. my kids got super interested too now im searching for printable worksheets for them. any ideas??


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