Lesson 1: Pronunciation

Hello everybody!
Welcome to the first lesson of Learning Norwegian. Today we will be covering some basic pronunciations and how some letters are pronounced differently from how it's written, and different from English.


- Cat = Katt
- Chair = Stol
- Table = Bord
- Dog = Hund

There we have some simple words to practise with. In English, we would pronounce "Cat" like (kt) or as we have in Norwegian, æ, like "Cæt". In Norwegian, it's pretty basic, except for the "a" sound. In English the "a" sound is like "ei" (). But in Norwegian, it sounds like "aah!". 

So "Cat" wouldn't be (ktt) in Norwegian, but [kɑt], like "Caaht!"

Of course this is a little hard to take in, and it must be very hard when you can't hear me, since I'm writing. But if you take a look at this video here, it shows you how to pronounce the whole Norwegian alphabet! Even the  Æ, Ø and Å.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3H5fLIsVGI&feature=related - Norwegian Alphabet

For the word "Stol" (Chair), it is pronounced more like "Stool", because it uses "Long Vowels", which we will be covering more later. Remember that the Norwegian "o" and English "o" is not the same. The same counts for "Bord" (Table).

The word "Hund" (Dog) is a little more interesting. The "d" in this word is a silent letter, or "Stum/Stum bokstav" as we say in Norwegian. It is pronounced [hʉn], or "huunn", the "d" is not mentioned. This rule can be tricky for foreigners when it comes to pronouncation, but I don't have a simple rule for that. Luckily there are few of these words, but watch out!

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

Thank you, this was all about Norwegian pronouncition for today.

Take Care ^___^

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