Lesson 2: Nouns

Hello everyone!
So now we're gonna talk about nouns. Nouns is a good thing to know and easy to practise because you can point them out randomly in your room and practise saying them in Norwegian.


- Closet = Skap
- Car = Bil
- Light = Lys
- Bottle = Flaske
- Pencil = Blyant
- Pen = Penn
- Toohtpaste = Tannkrem
- Home = Hjem
- Bed = Seng
- Brush = Børste

Here are some totally random words to practise with, remember them. Notice the last word, which I will tell a little more about in later lessons.

First lets cover up some rules for Norwegian nouns. Now, we will divide the nouns in two groups. Fellesnavn og Egennavn. (Common Names and Proper Names)


In Norwegian, we call all the nouns that you can put "en, ei or et" before. Directly translated it would be;

- En = A
- Ei = A
- Et = A

So yeah, it can be other forms as well, but this is the most common. We have different forms of divide the Common verbs, "hankjønn, hunkjønn and intetkjønn" (Masculine, feminine and neuter).

For the masculine nouns, you must always set "en" before.
Ex: A cat = En katt

For the feminine, it is always "ei".
Ex: A cow = Ei ku

For the neuter nouns, it's always "et".
Ex: A tree = Et tre

I will tell you how to see the difference between masculine, feminine and neuter later.


This is pretty basic. "Egennavn", or "Proper Names", are nouns which is ALWAYS written with a Capital letter.

Ex: Norway, England, Even, Paul, Christine, Africa, London.

The proper names are the nouns which is places, companies, countries, cities, and of course, names!

So that was the first part about nouns, there will be more, so be sure to practise!

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

Take care! ^__^

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  1. I have read that some feminine words can be used with 'en' too. Ikke sant?!


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