Lesson 4: More Nouns + Adjectives!

Hello guys!

So I've learned you some nouns now, and it's great to practice them around your house. Why dont you run around your house for 5 minutes and point at stuff and yell them out in Norwegian! Here are some more nouns that are probably in your house;

- Television = TV  ['teːʋə]
- Carpet = Teppe  ['tepə]
- Refrigerator = Kjøleskap  ['çøːləskɑːp]
- Closet = Skap  [skɑːp] 
- Light Bulb = Lyspære  ['lyːspæːɾə]
- Flower = Blomst [blɔmst]

Here are some things that may be less common, but still many or some people have it;

- Piano = Piano  [pɪ'ɑːnu] 
- Fireplace = Peis [pæjs]
- Computer = Datamaskin  ['dɑːtɑmɑʃiːn] 
- Bathtub = Badekar ['bɑːdəkɑɾ]
- Camera = Kamera ['kɑːməɾɑ]

                                                    Now, lets test them!

Point out, and say to yourelf all of the nouns you can find in this picture in norwegian!


So now you've learned some things about nouns and how they work. But when you see a clock or when you see a piano, maybe you wanna give some more information about that specific noun. Then you may want some adjectives to describe it. Adjectives follow the exact same way as in Norway and England. You put it before the noun. Of course there is other things to do in more advanced sentences, but lets keep us to the easy ones. First some vocabulary!

- Big = Stor  [stuːɾ]
- Small = Liten  ['liːtən]
- Strong = Sterk  [stæɾk]
- Weak = Svak  [sʋɑːk]
- Beautiful = Vakker  ['ʋɑkəɾ] 
- Warm/Hot = Varm  [ʋɑɾm]
- Cold = Kald  [kɑl]
- Pretty = Pen  [peːn]
- Ugly = Stygg  [styg]
- Fantastic = Fantastisk [fɑnˈtɑstɪsk]

Note: Some of these words change depending on if the noun is feminine, masculine or neuter. The words I wrote now are for masculine and feminine nouns. For neuter nouns you have to change the last letter(s), more information later!

So there you have some words to play around with! I'm gonna show you how to make som easy sentences with these words.

- Ei pen jente (A pretty girl)
- En sterk gutt (A strong boy)
- En vakker blomst (A beautiful flower)
- En stygg dame (An ugly lady)
- Et fantastisk menneske (A fantastic human being)

There you have it. Go and make your own sentences, now try to answer this question in the comment section:

What does "En pen gutt" mean?

Take Care! ^___^

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