Lesson 6: Inflecting Nouns

Hello everyone!

So listen up. Here comes a part in nouns which is a little harder, but if you master this you could make almost any sentence containing a noun correct. It's not that difficult, you just have to remember all the rules and inflecting nouns will be easy! First a mini vocabulary which we are gonna use now;

- A cat = En katt  (Masculine = Hankjønn)
- A book = Ei bok  (Feminine = Hunkjønn)
- A house = Et hus (Neuter = Intetkjønn)

We have four forms for inflecting nouns, both English and Norwegian. These are the forms;

Indefinite Singular - Specific Singular - Indefinite Plural - Specific Plural  (English)
 Ubestemt Entall  - Bestemt Entall  - Ubestemt Flertall - Bestemt Flertall  (Norwegian)

I'm gonna do some examples.

Ubestemt Entall | Bestemt Entall | Ubestemt Flertall | Bestemt Flertall
- Katt                 - Katten           - Katter                - Kattene
- Bok                 - Boken            - Bøker                - Bøkene
- Hus                  - Huset             - Hus                   - Husene

NOTE: You can almost always choose between "en" and "ei" on feminine nouns. Not the other way around though. (I will use the feminine form if possible)

In specific singular the nouns get this ending:

- Hannkjønn; en  (Ex: Bil - Bilen)
- Hunnkjønn; a or en  (Remember you can choose (Ex: Seng - Senga/Sengen))
- Intetkjønn; et  (Ex: Hus - Huset)

Thats all I have to say for today.

Did you get this? :3

Take Care! ^_^

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