Lesson 8: Counting

Let's do something fun this time!

Let's take a break from nouns, adjectives and grammar. Counting is sort of fun, well it's not pure joy and heavenly happiness, but it's a cool and easy thing to do. We will get back to the rest of adjectives and nouns later.

We'll start with 1-10 for a start. This is pretty easy, and we'll go over to 10-20-21-30 and so on some other time.

One = En
Two = To
Three = Tre
Four = Fire
Five = Fem
Six = Seks
Seven = Syv/Sju
Eight = Åtte
Nine = Ni
Ten = Ti

I hope you have practised on the pronouncition, if not, here is the video about how to pronounce the whole Norwegian alpabeth:  The Norwegian Alpabeth

The letter 7, you should pronounce Syv, even though Sju is accepted.

Here is a video explaining the numbers in Norwegian: Norwegian Numbers

Let's stick to these numbers for now. I'm studying Japanese right now, and there they have many counters! They have a counter for almost everything, but luckily, we only have a few, end they're easy. This is of course the normal number counter.

We'll cover more numbers later!

Take Care! ^___^

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