Lesson 3: Vocab - Nouns in Your House

Love the title.

So yesterday I told you just a little bit about nouns. Later I will get some more lessons about how to use them, how to tell the difference between masculine, feminine and neuter, and of course how to inflect (inflect?) them. Sounds fun? Yeah!
 Today I will only do a little vocabulary for you guys. I'll write some words down, translate them, and show you how to pronounce them. Extra points if you noticed that this is nouns you'll probably can find in your own house. Lets start!

- House = Hus  [hʉːs]
- Window = Vindu  ['ʋindʉː]
- Door = Dør  [døːɾ]
- Lamp = Lampe  ['lɑmpə]
- Oven = Ovn  [ɔʋn]
- Chair = Stol  [stuːl]
- Clock = Klokke  ['klɔkə]
- Toilet = Toalett  [tuɑˈlet]
- Plate (dishware) = Tallerken  [tɑ'læɾkən]
- Cup = Kopp  [kɔp]
- Painting = Maleri  [mɑlə'ɾiː]
- Vase = Vase  ['ʋɑːsə]

Can you point out and say the things you see in this picture in Norwegian?

Take Care ^__^ /

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  1. Hei, Even! Det er ikke så vanskelig, men jeg må øve det mer og mer. Takk for leksjonen.


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