Lesson 5: Vocab - Adjectives!

Hey guys!

This is just a quick post about some more adjectives that may be useful, I will still have the phonetic language signs behind the words even though most people actually cant read it, but still, just in case.

- Good = God*  [guː]
- Bad (something bad) = Dårlig  [ˈdoːɾlɪ]
- Angry = Sint  [sint]
- Sad = Trist  [tɾist]
- Happy = Glad*  [glɑː]
- Satisfied = Fornøyd  [fɔɾˈnœjd]
- Mean (Ex: A mean man) = Slem  [ʃlem] 

*NOTE: The words "God" and "Glad" have a silent letter, the letter D. So these words are pronounced, God = Go, and Glad = Gla. 

There you have more words to practice with!

Before moving on, make 3 sentences using some of the adjectives you learned now.

Now I'm gonna show you some adjectives used with nouns with neuter form (Intetkjønn). I will not use the phonetic characters on this, but you just take the words and add a "t" sound. Nothing difficult!

- Pretty = Pent (A pretty tree = Et pent tre)
- Ugly = Stygt (An ugly kitchen = Et stygt kjøkken)
- Fantastic = Fantastisk (A fantastic human being = Et fantastisk menneske)
- Weird = Rart (A weird camera = Et rart kamera)
- Nice = Fin (A nice house = Et fint hus)

Do you see the pattern? Again, we will get into how to set a difference between masculine, feminine and neuter nouns, and how to use the correct adjective - But now you got a basic look on how it works, and you can make easy sentences with this.

Make a sentence using a neuter adjective and noun!

Take Care! ^__^

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