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Hello everyone!

I have big, great news today. Earlier today I got some help from Knut to activate my PayPal account. That means, I can finally start my online Skype lessons in Norwegian! In this post I will give you some links on where to contact me, so you can talk to me live on Skype and get lessons from me.
 I have actually got mails from some people and they asked me if I wanted to trade languages or to get Norwegian lessons from me. The answer is no, unless you contact me via iTalki, and then you have to trade Japanese. If you unfortunatly don't speak fluent Japanese, you can contact me via these sites here:

- Learningfy stands for Learning For You, it's a website where you post whatever you are teaching for 5 dollars. I have posted my class, Norwegian: Everyday Talk; 5 dollars for 35 minutes.

Here is a link to Norwegian: Everyday Talk.

- eduFire is a site where you contact people for a lesson in basically everything, much like Learningfy. Here I have lessons for 10 dollars, and you'll get one hour! Here you can leave me a testimonial and rate me out of five stars after a lesson.

Here is a link to My eduFire Account, where you will see my lessons, currently one.

Teach Street
- Teach Street I'm not so familiar with. I'm kinda new to the site, but it seems to be just as any other site. You can schedule a lesson with me there if you want. 1 hour - 10 dollars.

Here is a link to my Teach Street Account

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You will also see a time list for when I'm available, remember I live in GMT+1 Copenhagen. Contact me!

Take Care! ^__^
My Links;
Teach Street

E-mail: easynorwegian@hotmail.com
- Even Tolo Dybevik

3 kommentarer:

  1. Nå må du bestemme deg, først sier du 24. mars og deretter 15...

  2. Altså, dersom du hevder at den internasjonale pannekakedagen - også kjent som feitetirsdag - er førti dager før påske, tar du feil, kjære deg. Dessuten ville man ikke da kunne datobestemme dagen (du insisterer jo på at det er 15. mars som er korrekt dato) - i og med at påsken er på forskjellige dager fra år til år. Just saying. :)

  3. Do you also know where to learn how to speak japanese online on skype ? Is http://preply.com/en/japanese-by-skype ok?


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