Lesson 10: What Are You Wearing Today?

Wow, we've reached lesson 10 already!

So today, if you haven't guessed it already, we're going to talk about clothes. We're gonna learn some clothes names, and make som simple sentences with them. Some of these sentences may have unknown words or particles, particles is always hard to explain, but I will try. First some vocab!

Clothes = Klær
Pants = Bukse
Sweater = Genser
Sock(s) = Sokk(er) Remember how we bend nouns? Sokk-Sokke-Sokker-Sokkene
Undewear = Undertøy
Hat = Hatt
Shoes = Sko

Remember how you pronounce the Æ Ø Å sounds? Here is a video (Not made by me) for a little help:

Before we're going to use these in sentences, we're gonna see how to bend some of them;


I have bended 3 of them. For "sko", it is a little different.

Sko-Skoen-Sko-Skoene. The third base is just "sko" again.

Can you inflect the word "Hatt"?

So when we are going to make sentences, we need some more vocabulary. This can be harder.

Which? = Hvilke?
Like = Liker
You = Du
I, me = Jeg
Mine = Min
Fin = Nice
They = De

We can start of with these! Now some sentences, let's pretend I'm having a conversation with Jarl!

Even: Hvilke klær liker du? (What type of clothes do you like?/What clothing do you like?)
Jarl: Jeg liker bukser. (I like pants)
Even: Liker du buksene mine? (Do you like my pants?)
Jarl: Ja, de er fine! (Yes, they are nice!)

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

So thats it for today! Go around and name your clothes, or ask people what they think about your clothes.

Try to ask someone what they think about your clothes!

Take Care! ^__^

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