Lesson 12: Adverbs! With Cheat Sheet!

Hey guys!

I know, this is not the funniest part, it's actually pretty boring. But we have to go through it, so let's get started! First we need a proper definition.

"Adverb is a part of speech consisting of words that modify verbs, adjectives, verb phrases or sentences. Adverbs are divided into groups according to meaningStedsadverb, tidsadverb, måtesadverb, gradsadverb, nektingsadverb, sammenbindingsadverb og modale adverb."

You see, I don't think that there is a translation for all the words in bold and italic, so they are written in Norwegian. Before we move on we're gonna look at some sentences which may seem hard, but I'm gonna translate and define every word.

  • «Han kjører hjem.» (He drives home. Stedsadverb)
  • «Hun skriver veldig pent.» (She writes very pretty. Gradsadverb + Måtesadverb)
  • «Sangeren synger høyt.» (The singer sings loud. Måtesadverb)
  • «Sangeren synger ikke høyt.» (The singer sings not loud.* Nektingsadverb + Måtesadverb)
  • «Han sov lenge.» (He slept long. Tidsadverb)

*This sentence sounds wrong in English, even though it's perfectly acceptable in Norwegian. A more proper way of translating would be, The singer sings low (Sangeren synger lavt), but I was just showing you when I translated it directly. 

Honestly, this is not so fun or easy, and it's not that usefull either, but isn't it good we just got through it? Here I have a cheat sheet for you this time too, for adverbs of course. This time it will also appear in Scribd.

Norwegian Adverbs in Scribd!

All of these cheat sheets I have made and you are more than welcome to follow my Scribd to get more cheat sheets whenever they get out.

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

Thats all for today guys.

Take Care! ^__^

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