Lesson 13: Out In The City!

Hello guys!

So today we're going to talk about things that are out in the city. In Norway, we don't have that big cities, but Oslo, I think, is the biggest. So first we want to learn some vocabulary to get started and we'll see more after that.

City = By
Skyscraper = Skyskraper
Store = Butikk
Kiosk = Kiosk (Has a weird pronouncition, "Kjosk", more about the "kj" sounds later)
Newspaper = Avis
Road = Vei
Car = Bil
Street = Gate
House = Hus
Club = Klubb

So do you remember how to inflect them?

By - Byen - Byer - Byene
Skyskraper - Skyskraperen - Skyskrapere - Skyskraperne
Butikk - Butikken - Butikker - Butikkene
Kiosk - Kiosken - Kiosker - Kioskene
Avis - Avisen - Aviser - Avisene
Vei - Veien - Veier - Veiene
Bil - Bilen - Biler - Bilene
Gate - Gaten - Gater - Gatene
Hus - Huset - Hus - Hus (A little different, remember this!)

Now, can you inflect the word Klubb? (No tricks here)

So let's talk a little about the cities. Norway we can divide into four pieces. Nord-Norge, Sør-Norge (Sørlandet), Vest-Norge (Vestlandet) and Øst-Norge (Østlandet). Which means, North-Norway, South-Norway (The Southland), West-Norway (The Westland), East-Norway (The Eastland).


Oslo is the capital of Norway. It's the biggest city and was established 1 January 1838. It has a population of  1,422,442 and is the cultural, scientific, economic and governmental capital of Norway. 

The bottom picture is of The Opera House in Oslo.


So. Haugesund. I wanted to tell a little about this city too, because this is where I live. Haugesund is a city in Sør-Norge in Rogaland. Norway is divided into 19 municipalities, which is called fylker I will tell more about them later. In Haugesund there lives 33 665 people. 
 A thing that's special about Haugesund is that every year we have a celebration called Sildajazz, which is dialect and means something like Herringjazz, which doesn't really give much sense. But it's a happy party with around 70 bands playing on random events around the streets and hotels. It is also alot of herring stands around where you can taste and buy, also many other types of food. Personally I don't like herring, so I stay away from that. 

This place is called Haraldshaugen, and the big statue in the middle, is called Haraldsstøtten. Buried under there, is the dead king Harald Hårfagre which united Norway a long time ago.

This is our city hall. It's pink! I know.

This is Risøybroen (Or locally Risøybrua) which connects Risøy or Risøya (I live in Risøya!) to the main land. 

A little more vocab:

Bridge = Bru 
Boat = Båt 
Hill = Ås
Statue = Statue
Water = Vann
Ocean/Sea = Hav/Sjø
Dock = Brygge

Thats all for today guys!

Have you heard about any other Norwegian cities?

Take Care! ^__^

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