Lesson 14: At the farm!

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Lately we've been doing these easy just translated lessons about normal stuff. Which kinda works, but isn't that effective. Last time we learned about stuff that's in the city, but what about when you want to go to the farm? Luckily, we're gonna go over some easy vocabulary that you can use on the farm, but not animals. We will be covering animals in another chapter. Now some vocab!

Farm = Bondegård
Tractor = Traktor
Farmer = Bonde
Barn = Låve
Field = Åker
Mud = Gjørme
Pond = Dam
Egg = Egg
Scarecrow = Fugleskremsel
Wheelbarrow = Trillebår

Oh, some hard words here! I know you may be tired of normal nouns. But I promise next time we will cover pronuncition and some other grammatical stuff. But let's look at some off the words here;

Bondegård. Consisting of two words. Bonde + Gård. Bonde = Farmer. Gård = Farm. Yes I know, gård actually means farm, but so do bondegård. But gård can mean other types of farms too, but bondegård is the most correct in this context.

Gjørme. We have some sounds and spellings in Norwegian that is pronounced differently. The sound "Gj", is one of them. In this word, it is pronounced like "jørme", no "g". Or ['jœɾmə]

Dam, is pronounced with a double "m" at the end. Like damm. This word, and many other words here have several meanings. Dam, is also a game, but that's not important now.

Fugleskremsel, is a compound word, we have many of those in Norwegian. It's two words, in one! Here we have, Fugle + Skremsel. Fugle comes from Fugl, which means bird. Skremsel doesn't mean anything alone. But it may come from "Å skremme" = To scare. To pronounce them, just say both words, really fast! In one word. 

Trillebår, that's also a compound word. It comes from, Trille = To roll and Bår, which doesn't mean anything itself. 

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

Now we have these words ready! I now we're moving kinda slow. And haven't had the "breakthrough" in Norwegian yet. We have learned some vocabulary, yeah, but soon we're gonna learn som verbs, adjectives, nouns and particles to make sentences! In the beginning we're probably just gonna use sentences containing Subject + Verb + Object. And the adjectives we can add later, because they're not hard to use. We are also going to learn some "particles" like å/og, skal, til, kan and so on. They aren't actually particles. It's words from all sorts of word classes, which I don't remember the name of all, but used as helping words to make the sentence complete. Just like English words like, and, an, a, to, by and stuff like that. So that's all for today.

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