Lesson 15: Pronouns!

Hey everyone!

Ok, so a pronoun is a function word that is used in place of a noun or noun phrase. 
Honestly, not even I get it 100%. But it gets easier when we get the words out. 

2.persondu (De)deg (Dem)
3.personhan, hun, den, dethan/ham, henne, den, det
2.persondere (De)dere (Dem)

Here I have a little table, which I shamefully stole from Wikipedia. So instead of you to learn the table itself, I'm gonna explain every word that's in it. 

SingularSubject FormObject Form
1. PersonIMe
2. PersonYou You (Them)
3. PersonHe, She, That, ItHe, Her, That, It
PluralSubject FormObject Form
1. PersonWeUs
2. PersonYou Them
3. PersonTheyThem
(This was surprisingly hard to translate, words have same meanings somewhere and some other have not but still the same word. I wouldn't rely on this table here to much)

The pronouns are divided into many classes, but I won't say all of them. I don't think I will mention the classes anyway. It's not useful or anything. It's 21 of them.

It will be easier if we take the words in action and put them in sentences and show examples!

I love you = Jeg elsker deg
They listen to her = De hører på henne
He eats ice cream = Han spiser iskrem
She likes him = Hun liker han
They are talking with us = De snakker med oss
Do you want to be with us? = Vil dere være med oss (You in plural)
Did he want to be with us? = Ville han være med oss?
Is she going to eat with them? = Skal hun spise med dem?

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

I hope these examples help! It's not easy this. I think this is all for today, tomorrow let's talk about og and å. That is very confusing! Even Norwegians forget that sometimes, but I'm going to explain it in an easy way so you know when to use the right form!

Take Care! ^_^

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