Lesson 16: Og and Å!

Hey guys!

Yesterday we talked about pronouns, but today we're going to talk about how to connect nouns and some other stuff. First, let's look at the two words we're talking about today. Og and Å.

Og = And (As in; Boy and girl = Gutt og jente)
Å = To (As in; To be = Å være)

So now you're probably thinking, this isn't hard, the words are totally different! True, but they are pronounced very, very similar, and that may cause problems.

Og. [oːg, oː].   This is how to pronounce it. I don't know phonetic language, maybe some of you do, but this honestly looks wrong. Even though I got it from a reliable source. It is pronounced "åg" or "å". Not o.

Å. [ɔ]. I still don't know what that sign means, but Å is pronounced directly, Å. No tricks here. It is placed before verbs in infinitive. 

So these words seem easy right now, but problems may happen when you use more longer sentences with both og and å in it. Examples! 

- Jeg skal gå å vaske klær og tøy = I will go to wash clothes and clothing* (*Technically they are both words for clothes) 
- Jeg liker å danse = I like to dance.
- Jeg liker epler og bananer = I like apples and bananas.
- Jeg pleier å plukke sopper og bær, men jeg liker å plukke kantareller og jordbær mest = I use to pick mushrooms and berries, but I like to pick chanterells and strawberries the most.
- Hun hater å synge og danse = She hates to sing and dance.

I hope you understand the differences now, just a quick reminder here;

konj. og [oːg, oː]
1 brukt til å knytte sammen to ledd av samme type (Used to combine to words of the same type)
epler og pærer (apples and pears)
2 brukt som innledning til utrop (used as an introduction to an exclamation) [Not so important now]
Og dette skal liksom være billig?! (And this is supposed to be cheap?!)


infinitivsmerke å [ɔ] settes foran verb i infinitiv: (is in front of the verb in infinitive)
å danse, å tenke (to dance, to think)

That's all for today guys! Practice the difference between them now.

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