Lesson 19: Phrases

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I'm actually not so happy about phrases. Phrases is just stiff and formal sentences that say a specific thing in that language, for example; "Where is the bathroom?". The problem with these when you're learning a new language, is that they don't help you learning it, unless you split every sentence up and shows and tell the specific sentence structure and translation for every word.
 For example a greek man learns the sentence "Where is the bathroom?", and someone asks him, what does "the" mean? Or, what is "is"? The greek man wouldn't know. He would just know that "Where is the bathroom?" means he's looking for the bathroom. So you don't really learn anything about the language, it's just useful if you're going to a foreign country a week and need some simple phrases in that language.
 Anyway, I'm gonna show you some phrases now and I will cut every word up and translate them and explain them as good as I can. These sentences are by the way formal, just so you know.

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1. Hei, mitt navn er ____! = Hi, my name is ____! 
Hi = Hey. Similar; Hello = Hallo. Synonym; Hey = Hei, Hallo. 
Mitt = My. Ex: My name, my house, my car = Mitt navn, mitt hus, min bil*. *It changes depending on En, Ei or Et is used. Irrelevant.
Navn = Name. Ex; Et navn, ditt navn, mitt navn = A name, your name, my name.
Er = Is. Jeg er, du er, vi er = I am, you are, we are.* In english the verb "to be" changes, not in Norwegian. 
The sentence structure in this phrase is exactly the same as Norwegian and English, so there is no difference. 


Even: Hallo, hva heter du? (Hello, what is your name?)
Jarl: Hei, mitt navn er Jarl! (Hi, my name is Jarl!)

2. Hvor er toalettet? = Where is the toilet? 
Hvor? = Where? Hvor er du, hvor er katten, hvor er bestemor? = Where are you, where is the cat, where is grandma? 
Er = Is. 
Toalettet = The toilet. Synonyms; Baderom = Bathroom. 


Even: Hallo, hvordan går det? (Hello, how are you?)
Jarl: Hei Even! Hvor er toalettet? (Hi Even! Where is the toilet?)

3. Kan du vise meg veien til ____? = Can you show me the way to ____?
Kan = Can. Synonym; Could. Ex; Kan du? = Can you, could you?
Du = You. Ex; Er du? Kan du? Du er snill = Are you? Can you? You are kind.
Vise = Show. Ex; Vis meg, Skal jeg vise deg noe, kan du vise meg? = Show me, can I show you something, can you show me? 
Veien = The way. Veien also means The Road. Ex; Ikke gå i veien = Don't get in the way. Also ex; Gå ut av veien = Get out of the road. 
Til = To. Ex; Et brev til bestemor, til skolen, hjem til huset = A letter to grandma, to school, home to the house. 


Even: Kan du vise meg veien til universitet? (Can/Could you show me the way to the university?) 
Jarl: Selvfølgelig! Det er den veien der. (Of course! It is that way there)

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

So there is 3 useful phrases. I know 3 phrases is not so much, but I have explained them so maybe you understand them more. That's it for today!

Take Care! ^__^ / 

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