Lesson 20: Out In The Garden!

Hello everyone! 

So last time you learned some simple phrases and what they contain. Today we're going to cover some simple words you will find in the garden or outside. But we're also going to look at some verbs, which we haven't looked so much at. Also, we are going to refresh our memory with inflecting nouns. First some vocabulary!

Garden = Hage
Flower = Blomst
Soil = Jord  (Pronounced "Jor")
Tree = Tre
Beetle = Bille
Plant = Plante
Cloud = Sky  (Pronounced "Sjy")
Sky = Himmel
Grass = Grass  (In Norwegian it's pronounced more like "Graas")
Lawn = Plen 

There we have some easy garden vocabulary which is very common, we're now going to inflect them, important! 

En hage - Hagen - Hager - Hagene 
En blomst - Blomsten - Blomster - Blomstene
(Jord is hard to inflect, because. Well, try to do the same thing with Water) 
Et tre - Treet - Trær - Trærne (This is a little different, some nouns don't follow the same rules, remember that)
En bille - Billen - Biller - Billene
En plante - Planten - Planter - Plantene
En sky - Skyen - Skyer - Skyene
En himmel - Himmelen - (There's only one heaven) 
(Again, Jord-Paradokset (Soil-paradox))
En plen - Plenen - Plener - Plenene 

So there you have, it was some trouble on some of the words, but the rest is fine. 

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

Now it's time for some verbs. Get ready! It's not only verbs that have something to do with garden and stuff, it's also general verbs. 

To walk = Å gå 
To run = Å løpe 
To throw = Å kaste
To plant = Å plante
To dance = Å danse

We also need to inflect those;

Å gå - Går - Gikk - Gått
Å løpe - Løper - Løp - Løpt
Å kaste - Kaster - Kasta/Kastet - Kasta/Kastet
Å plante - Planter - Planta/Plantet - Planta/Plantet
Å danse - Danser - Dansa - Har danset/dansa

There you have it!

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

Thats all for today! 

Take Care! ^__^

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