Lesson 21: More verbs!

Hey everyone!

So this is a short post about some verbs. 

To eat = Å spise
To see/look = Å se
To talk = Å snakke
To pee = Å tisse
To sit = Å sitte

Remember; To = Å. Now we can bend them.

Å spise - Spiser - Spiste - Spist
Å se - Ser - Så - Sett
Å snakke - Snakker - Snakket - Snakket 
Å tisse - Tisser - Tisset - Tisset 
Å sitte - Sitter - Satt - Sittet

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

This was just a short post about some verbs! Practise them, until you see the pattern.

Take Care! ^__^ / 

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