Lesson 9: More Adjectives! Cheat Sheet Included

Hello people!

Let's finish up all the stuff about adjectives. Do you remember some? Let's cover some vocabulary first;

- Pen = Pretty  (Hankjønn)
- Pent = Pretty  (Intetkjønn)
- Pen = Pretty  (Hunkjønn)

So you see in English the adjective remain the same, but in Norwegian it changes depending on if it's masculine, feminine and neuter.

The adjectives for masculine and feminine is always the same! For the neuter, it's almost always added a "t".

Slem = Mean  (Hunkjønn/Hankjønn)
Slemt = Mean  (Intetkjønn)
Slem = Mean  (Hankjønn/Hunkjønn)

Of course! There is always exeptions, but let's not worry about them for now. If you have a word you wonder you can ask me in the comment section and I will review it in later lessons ^__^

Another way to bend adjectives is the "Nice-Nicer-Nicest" way.

The adjective is inflected in Positive, Comparative and Superlataive. (Positiv, Komparativ og Superlativ)

  Positiv - Komparativ - Superlativ
- Fin      - Finere         - Finest
- Pen     - Penere        - Penest
- Svak   - Svakere      - Svakest

Some adjectives are bended different;

  Positiv - Komparativ - Superlativ
- God    - Bedre          - Best
- Vond  - Verre           - Verst
- Gammel - Eldre         - Eldst

Some we can only inflect by using -mer and mest (More and most)

  Positiv - Komparativ - Superlativ
- Spennende - Mer spennende - Mest spennende
- Sulten - Mer sulten - Mest sulten

So thats all of that, it's even more to cover, so let's take that some other time, and give this some time to sink in. Remember if you're wondering something, you are free to comment in the comment section and I will review it in the next post.

And now for the cheat sheet. I realised now that the cheat sheet doesn't really cover so much, but still I will include it here for now if you wanna check it out.


It's still on Scribd.

Take Care! ^__^

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