Extra: Some News

Hey guys!

This is just a post about some news and things going on now. Right now, we alle know about the earthquake in Japan. It's sad, for many reasons. Lately, at least me here, haven't heard so much about it. I hope it gets better soon. I was actually going to Japan this summer for my language trip. We were going to visit many places in Tokyo and I was going to learn Japanese, with my friend Chibii. And now it's canceled, for obvious reasons. Anyway I hope it gets better for them. 

- Earthquake = Jordskjelv 
- Emergency = Nødsituasjon
- Friend = Venn
- Help! = Hjelp!
- Language = Språk

So right now I'm sitting and drying my hair, and trying to figure out some html codes. Let's not make it to blog-ish. I have made some slightly small changes in the design. Big changes actually, changed the background, added some small almost invicible features here and there, and added a menu bar for you to easily navigate to my eduFire, TeachStreet, Facebook, Twitter and on and on... 

Hair = Hår
Code = Kode
Background = Bakgrunn
Menu = Meny
Easily = Enkelt 

So thats about it. I'm going to go and eat a cake now. Have a good day~ 

Take Care! ^__^ /

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