Lesson 24: Exceptions + More Verbs!

Hello everyone!

Today we're going to look at some more verbs, but first I have some exceptions for you! It's not even a list, it's just two, I bet theres more but this was all I got up with! 

like "dee" in "deer" (just as a whole word)
like 'o' in "lord" (just as a whole word)


Inspiring pictures by weheartit

So let's do some verbs, or, this time we're going to do the verb "to be". So keep up!

To be = Å være

Present Tense:
I am = Jeg er 
You are = Du er 
He/She/It is = Han/Hun/Det er 
We are = Vi er
You are = Dere er
They are = De er

Past Tense:
I was = Jeg var 
       You were = Du var 
       He/She/It was = Han/Hun/Det var 
       We were = Vi var
       You were = Dere var
       They were = De var

And then there is Past Participle like; Have been = Har vært. And Present Participle like; I am being and stuff like that. But let's sum it up!

Present:  Past:  Past Participle: Present Participle: 
Er          Var    Vært                Blir 

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

So there you have it! It's plenty of more verbs forms, but these are the most important! Here are some examples to practise with!

1. Jeg er en mann (I am a man) 
2. Hun er en dame (She is a woman) 
3. Jeg var i butikken (I was in the shop)
4. Hun har vært president (She has been president) 
5. Jeg blir gal (I'm being mad) 

Take Care! ^___^ / 

Q: What fits in "Jeg ___ ute i går"?  Hint: (I ___ out yesterday)

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