Lesson 26: Counties

Hey guys!

So today we're going to talk about counties. Let's first translate it, County = Fylke. So how do you inflect it? 

Fylke - Fylket - Fylker - Fylkene 

In Norway we have 19 counties, I'm gonna list them, it may be a boring list, but if you're interested in the geography of Norway, it may be interesting.

So this is the list, you can press each one of them to go to the norwegian wikipedia page for them: 

That's them! 

If you wonder where they are, look at this picture here:

That's all of them.

Let's just do some minor vocabulary, so we learn some words too!

Country = Land
County = Fylke
City = By
Region = Landsdel
Continent = Verdensdel

That's it for today.
Take Care! ^___^

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