Lesson 27: Family

Hey guys!

So today we're going to cover some family related words. You know, like mother, father, brother, sister, and so on. Vocabulary!

Mother = Mor
Father = Far
Brother = Bror
Sister = Søster
Daughter = Datter
Son = Sønn

Mor - Moren - Mødre - Mødrene
Far - Faren - Fedre - Fedrene
Bror - Broren - Brødre - Brødrene
Søster - Søsteren - Søstre - Søstrene
Datter - Datteren - Døtre - Døtrene
Sønn - Sønnen - Sønner - Sønnene

You can see many of these have som weird and irregular inflections, but then you just have to remember it! Now let's put them in some sentences!

Sønnen min er flink på skolen = My son is doing good in school
Datteren din er vakker = Your daughter is beautiful
Kan jeg treffe broren din? = Can I see your brother?
Jeg syns moren din er snill = I think your mother is kind
Faren din er streng = Your father is strict
Vennen min sa at søsteren din er pen = My friend told me that your sister is pretty

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

So there we have some few, simple family related words! We will cover some more some other time.

Take Care! ^__^ /


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