Lesson 28: More Sentences

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 Today we're only going to go through some sentences, just to practice. I think most of you have an understanding about how sentences are built up, and the only thing we need to do is to expand our vocabulary. Let's start! 

I have a dog = Jeg har en hund
I like milk = Jeg liker melk
Do you like cake? = Liker du kake?
Where is the park? = Hvor er parken? 
The cup is here = Koppen er her
The park is nice = Parken er fin
I have the apple = Jeg har eplet
The cat drinks milk = Katten drikker melk
The dog is big = Hunden er stor
The boy is running after the dog = Gutten løper etter hunden
The girl is walking the dog = Jenta går tur med hunden
I like dogs = Jeg liker hunder
I like you = Jeg liker deg 
You like me = Du liker meg
Do you like me? = Liker du meg? 

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

So now we're done for today! See you next time for more vocabulary and inflection! 

Take Care! ^__^ /


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