Lesson 29: Imperative Modus

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So today we're going to talk about imperative modus, or just imperative, as in Norwegian! Imperative is like command words, like Walk! Eat! Go! Sit!, and stuff like that. In Norwegian, imperative is only found in present time verbs, in other languages, like Latin, it can be found in future form. Let's cover some words! 

Usually, the last letter is dropped.

Verb  -   Imperative

Å hoppe = Hopp! = To jump = Jump!
Å kaste - Kast! = To throw = Throw!
Å løpe = Løp! = To run = Run!
Å drepe = Drep! = To kill = Kill!
Å spise = Spis! = To eat = Eat!
Å drikke = Drikk! = To drink = Drink! 
Å skrive = Skriv! = To write = Write!
Å synge = Syng! = To sing = Sing!
Å sove = Sov! = To sleep = Sleep!
Å danse = Dans! = To dance = Dance!

So we covered some verbs too! You see in English it doesn't change, but in Norwegian it does, so it's important to learn.

If a verb ends in -dle or -kle you can choose between having the whole word or take away the last letter.

Å handle = Handl(e)! = To shop = Shop!
Å forvandle = Forvandl(e)! = To transform = Transform! 
Å takle = Takl(e)! = To tackle = Tackle! 
Å sykle = Sykl(e)! = To cycle = Cycle! 

Still it doesn't change in English!

If the verb ends with -ere, it doesn't get a accent on the last vowel, as many people think.

Å kontrollere = Kontroller! (Not kontrollér) = To control = Control!
Å kalkulere = Kalkuler! (Not kalkulér) = To calculate = Calculate! 

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That's it for today! 

Q: How do you say the imperative for "Å leve"? 

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