Lesson 30: Genitive Case!

Hey guys!

Yes, this is fun. Genitive case has many hard explanations and definitions, but to make it easy, it's the little -s on the end of words! Not every word, but when something is belonging to someone, for example; 

Peter's Book
Mary's Lamb
Jarl's Cat
Even's Blog 

You know!
So why are we talking about this you wonder? Because it's different in Norwegian! Not so much, but there is a little difference. So the difference is, we don't use it! We have the -s on the end of the word, without the apostrophe, with some exeptions. 

Peters Bok
Marys Lam
Jarls Katt
Evens Blogg

So that's easy right! But there is some exeptions.

Hans' Hus
Max' Bil
Kaz' Kopp

Word/Names ending with -s, -z, -x gets an apostrophe, but at the end of the word!

Inspiring pictures by weheartit

That's it for today! 

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  1. Jarl's cat is awesome <3333

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