Lesson 31: Plural

Hello guys! 

Hey, today we are going to talk a little more about plural. Plural is when it is more of a certain thing. Like one cat, more cats. Cats is plural. In English it is normally an -s that is added on the end, with some exeptions. In norwegian it is a bit different. 

This is some examples! 

Bok - Boken - Bøker - Bøkene (Book - The Book - Books - The Books)
Katt - Katten - Katter - Kattene (Cat)
Fugl - Fuglen - Fugler - Fuglene (Bird)
Problem - Problemet - Problemer - Problemene (Problem)

You see the two last ones, they are plural. In norwegian it is; 

Plural = Flertall

Here are som more examples;

Aligators - Alligatorer
Houses - Hus
Cats - Katter
Pens - Penner
Figures - Figurer
Cups - Koppene


Take Care! ^__^ /

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