Lesson 32: Pronouns

Hey guys!

Yes, I know we have been through pronouns. But I think we're gonna go over it again, so we remember them!

Examples of pronouns in Norwegian
NominativeAccusativeEnglish equivalent
jegmegI, me
dudegyou (singular)
hanham/hanhe, him
hunhenneshe, her
dendenit (masculine/feminine)
detdetit (neuter)
viosswe, us
deredereyou (plural)
they, them

This is just a short post. Cram this list, very useful.

Jeg liker deg = I like you
Du er smart = You are smart
Han liker henne = He likes her
Vi er venner = We are friends 
De liker ost = They like cheese
Dere er kule = You are cool (Plural) 

Take Care! ^___^ / 

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